Wedding service, the right choice for your special event

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Share the excitement for your special day with us! Our passion led us to introduce a dedicated service to the celebration of your special moments. We help you realize your wishes, designing traditional or creative wedding invitations, church booklets, menus, wedding favours, thanks notes and much more.

With us you can also create invitations for your children’ birthdays, baptisms, and for any anniversary and celebration.

And if you have a new idea, you can realize it with us, for real!

Our services for you

Wedding invitations

The invitation is the true visiting card of the event. The paper type, the card format and printing forewarn the tone of the event.

The format

The lovers of tradition will opt for a folded invitation or a single panel card. The less formal will choose the new square format with new and very elegant colors.

The printing

For formal wedding invitations, we recommend the classic English font, while for modern cards, we suggest the elegant, yet modern, italic font.

The printing colour

For classic wedding sets, we suggest black or gray; colors like blue and burgundy are suitable for modern calligraphy or for the summer seasons.


With a reduced size, it will repeat the same style for paper, color and printing as the wedding card.

Favour tags

The tag for confetti and favors will have the same paper, color and printing as the wedding card. The tag will show the names of the groom and the bride and, under the names, the date of the marriage.

The menu

For an impeccable table, we recommend the menus are coordinated with all the other material used to organize the reception.

The Tableau de mariage

The tableau de mariage is required for weddings with more than five tables, in order to enable guests to easily find their seat.

Place card

Often the tables have names of flowers or colors, but the bride and groom can choose freely according to their personal tastes. After finding their place on the tableau, the guests will be able to identify their table thanks to folding place cards matching the wedding set.